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Monumental change

Hear from past members of the Summer Outreach Internships
and members of The Love Movement 4:16 family below!

  • “I joined TLM416 because I had a heart for helping the homeless and wanted to do something God-related for the summer. However, I ended up getting myself into something much more than a Christian program that helps the homeless. The summer outreach program was a life-changing experience for me. I have grown in love, compassion and so much in my relationship with God, that it was easily worth all the challenges.”


    Anthony - Outreach Intern 2014
  • “Before The Love Movement 4:16 I felt like I was incapable of ever being a leader in any matter because of factors such as my age etc. But now I feel more confident after doing certain things such as being given an opportunity to lead a bible study. I’m confident in knowing that the knowledge and revelation of Jesus is not limited to any factor (esp. age). I am more involved and have been encouraged in spreading God’s love and being obedient to His word.”


    Samrawit - Outreach Intern 2013
  • “Being a part of The Love Movement 4:16 has really changed my understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to live for Him. The Bible has made me come alive in so many ways: I almost don’t recognize myself from the person who started the internship, and the leadership skills I’ve developed in this journey are beyond anything I could have imagined! This experience will bring amazing transformation to your life – I highly recommend it!”

    mia facebook profile

    Mia - Outreach Intern 2015
  • “At the beginning of the summer I had a lot of questions about my life and Jesus, that I didn’t think I’d get answers for. I also lacked direction and wasn’t really sure if I was hearing from God or not. Choosing to give my time to this experience was well worth it, in fact my prayer life has changed and not only that, I can honestly say that I haven’t encountered God in this way. I now have direction, straight from God and although it’s a continuous battle, I recognize that me being at this summer outreach was God ordained.”


    Adeola - Outreach Intern 2014
  • “If you want surround yourself with a group close knit, talented people that will help you become a better person, a clearer perspective to your purpose and to express yourself in many different forms of the arts – The Love Movement 4:16 is for you! On top of that you need to be ready and open for challenges, leaving your comfort zone continuously, and taking the lower spot to raise another up. Be willing to let go. It’ll be worth it.”


    Josie - Outreach Intern 2013